„The Power of Purpose Awards“ – Ein internationaler Schreibwettbewerb / Teilnahme noch bis zum 31.04.2004

Noch bis zum 31.04.2004 können Interessierte am internationalen Schreibwettbewerb, deren Gewinner mit den „The Power of Purpose Awards“ ausgezeichnet werden, teilnehmen.

Zur Jury gehören Nany Brinker, Gründerin der Susan G. Komen Brustkrebs-Stiftung, Paul Davies, Professor der Philosophie am Australian Centre for Astrobiology, Hugh Delehanty, leitender Herausgeber bei AARP-Publications und Marian Wright Edelman, Präsidentin des Children’s Defense Fond.

Bewertet wird die Originalität der Ideen, Klarheit und Überzeugungskraft des Schreibens und die Zugänglichkeit zu einem allgemeinen Publikum.

Der Gewinner des Hauptpreises erhält 100.000$.
Ausserdem werden vier Preise, die mit jeweils 50.000$, vier Preise, die mit jeweils 25.000$ und zehn Preise, die mit jeweils 10.000$ dotiert, sind vergeben.

Die Gewinner des Wettbewerbs werden im September 2004 bekannt gegeben.

Teilnehmen kann jeder über 18 Jahren, eine Teilnahmegebühr gibt es nicht.
Die Essays sollten nicht mehr als 3.500 Wörter umfassen und in Englisch verfasst sein, ausserdem sollten sie thematisch in eine der vier vorgegebenen Kategorien (Personal Reflection; Journalistic Report; Scientific Inquiry; Fiction) fallen.

Eine Teilnahme am Wettbewerb ist nur über das Internet möglich.

Weitere Informationen sowie genauere Teilnahmebedingungen finden Sie unter : www.powerofpurpose.org

For Release on November 18, 2003

Media Contact: Caroline Harkleroad

Tel: 770-457-5800 (U.S.)








Judges Include:

Nancy Brinker, Founder, The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation,

Paul Davies, Professor of Natural Philosophy,

Australian Centre for Astrobiology,

Hugh Delehanty, Editor in Chief, AARP Publications, and

Marian Wright Edelman, President, Children’s Defense Fund

Atlanta, GA – November 18, 2003 – The Power of Purpose Awards: A Worldwide Essay Competition, designed to investigate the evidence and benefits of purpose in the world around us, will begin taking submissions today.

This international writing competition, which is being conducted entirely on the internet at www. powerofpurpose.org, is soliciting thought-provoking, well-reasoned and compelling essays that deliver such a powerful message about noble purpose that they will spark a worldwide appreciation of its importance.

Purpose may be defined as something more important than our simple survival, something not merely intellectual, but in our souls. It is something outside of ourselves, greater than individual human beings or even groups of people. Purpose can change public policy, it can define our relationship with nature and the cosmos, it can inspire the spark that makes ordinary people do extraordinary things.

There will be one grand prize of US$100,000; four awards of US$50,000; four awards of US$25,000; and ten awards of US$10,000.

Page 2 – Power of Purpose Essay Awards

A panel of distinguished judges will select the prize winners. The panel of judges includes: Nancy Brinker, Founder of The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation; Paul Davies, Professor of Natural Philosophy, Australian Centre for Astrobiology; Hugh Delehanty, Editor in Chief of AARP Publications; and Marian Wright Edelman, Founder and President of the Children’s Defense Fund.

The winning essays will be published on www.powerofpurpose.org and in various magazines and newspapers throughout the world.

Essays should fall into one of four categories: Personal Reflection, Journalistic Report, Scientific Inquiry, and Fiction. The essays should be compelling, making a unique and persuasive case for purpose. Entries should be written in a style that a generalist audience can understand, and there must be a valuable contribution toward an improved understanding of the Power of Purpose. The most vital consideration will be how well the essay illuminates its subject. The essay should be a work of depth and substance, well reasoned and backed by logic, to spark new insights, consensus and – hopefully – change.

Entries for The Power of Purpose Awards competition will be accepted from today through midnight on May 31, 2004. There is no entry fee. All entries must be made on the internet at www.powerofpurpose.org. All entries will be anonymous. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older. Essays must be no longer than 3,500 words and must be written in English. Professional writers are encouraged to submit, but entries will be accepted from men and women in any occupation, as well as from students and retirees.

Preliminary elimination screenings will be handled by the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Communications and the University of Georgia’s English Department. The next tier of elimination screenings will be handled by a group of authors and publishing professionals. The finalist submissions will then be sent to the judges in the summer of 2004. Winners will be announced in September 2004.

This competition is sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation, established in 1987 by Sir John Templeton, pioneer of the global mutual fund. The mission of the Foundation is to pursue new insights about the world and mankind by drawing together talented representatives from a wide spectrum of fields of expertise. The awards competition is managed by Lionheart Books, a book packager based in Atlanta, GA.



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