Was am vierten Tag geschah…

Thursday 29th June 2006

ICYB-Teilnehmer 2006

Starting breakfast with brötchen, coffee and tea
Still sleepy from yesterdays bookshops and beer

Awake to complain about carpets, tacks of books and crosses
Suddenly we really like the bookshops of our bosses

Publishers must pay B.A.G
Booksellers can use it without a fee

Time to eat Knödeln and gossip a bit
Spend time in the sun with our group work kit

Learning about the importance of ABC
A lot about stock control from KNV

Cooperation and concentration are the words of the day
At least that’s what Mr Koneman would say

Anabel, Diana and Anablitz are cheap
You can even order your books at Blitz Antique

You pay 1583,88 Euro
But with our data you have to be thorough

In the evening it was all about surprise, surprise
We ate fish or salad or pasta with lots of spice
There was more beer after the food
The whole evening brought us in a very good mood

Concentrated on the drinks
Cooperated to find links

Group 4

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