Was am zweiten Tag geschah…

Dienstag, 27. Juli 2006

Group 2: Barbara, Inese, Jana and Iakovos

ICYB-Teilnehmer 2006

After breakfast we started with the workshop “Here I am!” with Veronika Licher, trainer/publishing consultant.

It was “eggcellent”. We “eggspiried” how to transfer a new life – it had to be done by group work. We found our true identity ….

After a short introduction about the World Book Day in Germany by Susanne Meinel we heard a market review about “Wuppertaler Leseköpfe” presented by Ruth Eising coming from Bücher Köndgen.

She showed us in a very interesting way how to use the World Book Day as an advantage to be in contact with the customers. And then we have had a discussion how that day is celebrated in other countries.

Then we continued with the presentation of our BIBY’s. We made a shortlist. A lot of great books were nominated.

Anne von Bestenbostel told us about “Experience-exchange-groups” What they do, what they are worth and how to find one.

After that we worked in bloody sweat in groups to satisfied our “devilish Boss with the two faces”.

The evening closed with an excellent presentation by Gesine Klack and Sara Willwerth who told us about an unusual experiment called “Let’s change place!” where the two owners of the bookshops changed their positions in the stores for one week.

That was BIG FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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