Wie der ICYB zu Ende ging…

ICYB-Teilnehmer 2006

Daily report Friday 30th June

After a long night with a lot of beer consumed in a Beergarden we saw the ghost without a head. On the way back a crazy Belgium guy killed a firefly. This astonishing night ended around 3.30 am.

Friday morning half of the Yobos went to breakfast, but they hardly felt asleep with their heads on the plates. Unfortunately the Greek delegation had to leave early. But before we were kissing goodbye we had a last group photo. Back in class there was a “fat man” (his commands) who told us a lot and a lot and a lot of his cookery bookstore.
At 2 pm we had to present our groupworks. The task was to think about ideas to rebuild a shop. A lot of ideas were offered by the five groups, f.ex. a sex shop idea, breaking down the walls or to cut costs.
After that we had to vote for the BIBY (Booksellers´ International Book of the Year). The winner was “The shadow of the wind” by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. We voted for the fellow secretaries. There were fights in the Latvian delegation about who has to be chosen.

Later on the most important time of the day began: the play Germany vs. Argentina. Because of overtime our Closing Banquet was delayed. But everything went well until the Dutch delegation presented their country speciality which is drinking a lot of “Schnaps”. The result were drunken organizers very early in the evening. All in all it was an evening full of fun, country specialities, gifts and a lot of drinks.

Thanks to Susanne and Stephanie and the German National Team for not losing.

Group 5 (the only one)

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