Der neue internationale Branchenpreis honoriert "originelle und inspirierende Verlagsinitiativen sowie Kooperationen" Dies sind die drei Nominierten für den Aficionado Award

Am Mittwoch wurden auf dem Salone Internazionale di Torino die drei Anwärter auf den erstmals ausgelobten Aficionado Award vorgestellt. Der neue internationale Branchenpreis honoriert „originelle und inspirierende Verlagsinitiativen sowie Kooperationen“.

Die drei nominierten Initiativen sind:

•           das Aké Arts and Book Festival

•           das Buchmagazin The Passenger (Iperborea and Europa Editions)

•           die Internationale Literarische Korporation Meridian Czernowitz

Die Preisverleihung selbst wird im Rahmen der 75. Frankfurter Buchmesse am Donnerstag Abend stattfinden.

Mehr über die Nominierten:

Aké Arts and Book Festival

Founded by writer and poet Lola Shoneyin, the Aké Arts and Book Festival in Nigeria was founded in 2013 to promote, develop, and celebrate creativity on the African continent through a variety of public events. Over the last decade Aké has excelled at establishing a sense of community between participating authors while creating important connections with the local audience in Abeokuta, Lagos State (one of the festival’s explicit aims is to promote literacy, especially among a younger audience). Curatorially, Aké does essential work by highlighting Nigerian and other writers particularly relevant for African readers; this prioritization of what is locally resonant over commercial European or American expectations of what African writing “should” resemble is refreshing, enriching and vital. To date Aké has brought together writers, artists, poets and filmmakers from 29 African countries. The festival has also produced a print review, published in English, Yoruba, and French, featuring many authors who have in the meantime reached a larger audience, within and beyond Nigeria (Tsitsi Dangarembga, Nurradin Farah, Ama Ata Aidoo, just to name a few). In addition to the Aké festival, Lola Shoneyin has contributed to numerous other initiatives with a similar aim, among them launching the Kaduna Book and Arts Festival in the Northern region of Nigeria; managing a showcase of Nigerian authors for the Afrolution Festival in Berlin, Germany; and founding the publishing house Ouida Books.

The Passenger

The Passenger is a book-magazine collecting the best new writing, photography, and reportage from around the world. The aim of the series is to break down barriers and introduce readers to the essence of a given place. Packed with essays, investigative journalism, original photography and illustrations, charts, and unusual facts and observations, each title in the series offers unique insights into the contemporary life of a place and its inhabitants. The Passenger is not a travel guide as such, rather it is the essential literary companion for the thoughtful reader, intended equally for those who are en-route to a country and for curious readers who wish to learn from afar. Its focus on the contemporary world, its original layout, the quality of the writing collected in each title, and the timeliness and relevance of the themes covered, make The Passenger a unique publication in the international publishing landscape. It is an international co-publishing project between the Italian independent publisher Iperborea and Europa Editions – US and UK. The idea was conceived by Iperborea’s Pietro and Tomaso Biancardi and Cristina Gerosa, who put together and published the first 6 volumes in Italy. While the content is commissioned and edited by Iperborea, with Europa responsible for translation as well as publicity and global distribution, the collaboration has gradually expanded to include editorial planning. Meetings are held across three publishing houses to brainstorm ideas and contributors for future issues and to outline publicity, marketing and future opportunities. This process highlights how the series receives a different reception in each country, attracting different audiences. The collaboration is also vital in terms of making sure the content is relevant to each audience and has the potential to attract a growing readership.

Meridian Czernowitz

Meridian Czernowitz has been engaged in various cultural projects with a focus on European-Ukrainian relations for 13 years. Meridian Czernowitz is comprised of the International Poetry Festival Meridian Czernowitz (founded in 2010), the Paul Celan Literary Center in Chernivtsi (founded in 2013), the Meridian Czernowitz Publishing House (founded in 2010), a series of international projects in Europe and the project “Network” – a cultural network of 34 Ukrainian cities was created to form the platform for cultural life in Ukraine (currently only 14 Ukrainian cities are involved because of the Russian occupationoftheUkrainianterritory). TheInternationalPoetryFestivalMeridianCzernowitzisameans of developing the Ukrainian cultural ecosystem, its integration into European culture, attracting a wide audience and encouraging further partnerships and outreach. The Meridian Czernowitz publishing house is one of the leading Ukrainian publishers. Project “Network” is evolving in real time: up until 2022 it was focused on establishing an internal public dialogue in Ukraine on the backdrop of an armed conflict in the east. Since February 2022, and because the Russian war against Ukraine has forced many cities to pause their cultural work, only 14 cities are now active in the professional field. Consequently the Network is now concentrated on saving the cultural institutions within Ukraine. Between September 2022 until December 2022, Meridian Czernowitz organized over 50 literary events in 14 Ukrainian cities, often in bomb shelters or in event halls without any light or heating. With the authors of its publishing house, Meridian Czernowitz regularly participates in major European cultural events worldwide such as the Frankfurt Book Fair, the Leipzig Book Fair, the Vienna Book Fair and others. Creators of the organization are writers Yuri Andrukhovych, Serhiy Zhadan, Ihor Pomerantsev and cultural managers Sviatoslav Pomerantsev and Evgenia Lopata.

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